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Hi my name is Andrea and I am passionate about life, people, health, weight loss (especially for people over 40), perimenopause and menopause, nutrition, digestion and wellbeing.

Do you have someone who listens to your health struggles and who has been through what you are going through?

Who knows the way out, can guide you in an enjoyable step-by-step way?

And actually cares about showing you that way?

Do you want solutions to your digestion problems?

Are you over 40 (perimenopause and menopause years) and want to get those hormones under control so they don't control you?

Well you have come to the right place. My dry skin, bloating and lack of ability to enjoy life forced me to reach an ultimatum. I just wasn't going to accept walking around being a lesser version of myself anymore.. I have a fitter and leaner body now than I had in my 20's!

Because I know what you are going through and what that feels like

Why I deeply believe I can help you

I have studied, for many years, a wide range of alternative and conventional health areas - of nutrition, weight loss, perimenopause, menopause, and digestive issues. I am also a health coach who works to help "average" people permanently make sense of health.

A lot of times we walk around looking for cures for a problem we don't know the reason for (in other words: we don't know the root cause yet behave as if we did). A great example of this - maybe you have heard of the gut being called the second brain, well this is for good reason. When our gut is affected, our whole body is - but we never find that out, because we think our brain fog starts in our brain, our lack of energy is random, or that an auto-immune condition definitely has to be genetic.

I've extensively studied perimenopause, menopause and gut issues (leaky gut and IBS), Are these a problem for you?  No, you are not going mad, you don't have to put up with hot flashes, bloating, belly fat, brain fog, lack of energy, PMT, sleep deprivation, constipation .......... Did you know there are over 30 symptoms of perimenopause!  You probably have a few of them, I know I did but not anymore, I can help you because I know what works!

Something you've never been told

You were never supposed to deprive yourself. It's never the way.  It might lose you a few pounds, but for how long...? How will you feel in the process, what kind of life will you lead and what kind of life will it give...? I think you'll agree, life is about living and constantly forcing yourself to do, what you don't like, is hardly that.

It’s all about changing the way you eat these foods, understanding what foods are not good for our health and how to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle that you can do for the rest of your life.

Does "for the rest of your life" give you bad vibes?

Well, that's probably because you assume it will mean bad things. Eating bad, doing things you dislike, feeling things you don't like feeling (like alone, overwhelmed, confused, not enough). It's understandable, because that's what all the talk about habits tend to talk about. But that's not what you should be doing, and it's never what I would be showing or telling you to do.

3 reasons why a diet can never lead to a great life...

  1. They are cookie-cutter, one-size solutions. We are complex, and our needs change, so if a diet would ever fit us, next week it would likely not fit us anymore.
  2. They are too demanding for everyday living (might involve complicated cooking or willpower drenching things like eating only grapefruit).
  3. They aren't focused on wellbeing, but rather weight loss at any cost. With that premise, getting wellbeing – while on a diet - will be a shot in the dark. Your life should be worth more to you than to take that bet.

It’s all about being organised and planning ahead. I know that sometimes when you have had a hard day it’s easier to put that shop bought lasagne in the oven or put a ready meal in the microwave and then flop onto the couch with no energy. What you may not know is that the ready meal may be adding to your lack of energy levels and you become more and more frustrated about what to do to change that.

I can help you to create meals that are easy to prepare and meals that can give you more energy and you will feel healthier and fitter than you have before. I know that the thought of changing your diet can be challenging and a bit scary but I want to work with you to make this as easy for you as possible. I will not tell you to eat something that you are not happy with eating and I will always incorporate the foods that you like into a meal plan for you.

I want you to create a healthy lifestyle with your food and take charge of you and not let food take charge of you. You deserve the best and you're more important, and powerful, than to have food control your life. You can control your habits whether it is binge eating, eating for comfort or eating for boredom. You'll be the one to change, but I can be here to ignite that change.

How about a short, relaxed chat about your situation, that will leave you better off even if you choose not to invest in anything or talk to me again...?

If that's the case, then we should talk. Just fill in your info on the "Contact Me" page and we will talk for a while about what you need. It will be focused all around you – your situation, why you're troubled, how you would like to feel and where you would like to be – and you will leave it not only feeling better, stronger and like there's hope... but you will have things you can immediately do to take a step in the right direction (and things that are in motion tend to stay in motion, as Einstein said, so you never know where that step may lead you).

I believe that food is a healer, we just need to know how to use it. Food can be a healer or destroyer of our health today.

I look forward to talking to you and helping you to take back control of your hormones or to create a better digestion so you feel great inside and out!

Andrea Howard

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