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Does anyone make their own yoghurt? I started making my own yoghurt earlier this year and I bought a yoghurt maker. I love it and its a great way to get your probiotics if you can tolerate dairy. The yoghurt breaks down lactose, so is good for anyone who is lactose intollerant and likes yoghurt. If you can't tolerate cows milk you could use goats milk which has shorter protein molecules in it.


To make the yoghurt you bring 1 litre of full fat milk to a simmer slowly to a temperature of 180 degrees and then let is gently simmer away for about 5 minutes. By heating the milk it gets rid of bad bacteria that will interfere with culturing the yoghurt. The culturing of the yoghurt breaks down the lactose into a simpler form and is easier to be digested. After heating the milk, you then let it cool down to below 110 degrees or room temperature. I usually check this with my warm finger and if it feels warm on my finger then its good to go. You can use a thermometer if you want a more accurate reading. You can then use some powdered yoghurt starter with probiotics which you can buy from health shops or you can use a few probiotic capsules or a good organic full fat natural yoghurt.

If you are using yoghurt then put the cooled milk into the yoghurt maker container first and then add the milk a bit at a time and stir well each time.  If you are using the powdered starter or probiotic powder from a probiotic capsule, pour the cooled milk into the container first then add the powder and stir well.  Put the lid on the container and place in the yoghurt maker and switch on. Leave this for at least 24 hours. I have left mine for 28 to 30 hours and it still tastes great. It has a bit more of a sour taste than normal natural yoghurt and I eat mine for breakfast with some fruit and nuts mixed in.

My yoghurt maker is a SKG model but there are other yoghurt makers to choose from.  Some yoghurt makers have individual glass bottles.


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